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During the 1980 Republican Presidential primary, Ronald Regan promulgated the idea that by lowering taxes on the rich, the government could actually increase the federal government’s revenue.
Ultrabook Notebook Tipis Harga Murah Terbaik George H.W. Bush famously derided that idea as “Voodoo Economics.” After all, how could lowering tax rates actually increase revenue?


The idea isn’t as far-fetched as it might seem at first blush. To illustrate, think about tax rates in the extreme. If the government took 100% of your income, surely many people would simply not work. Perhaps nobody would work. And if the government lowered the 100% tax rate to, say, 80%, it seems very likely that at least some more people would work and the government would take in more revenue.

On the other hand, if the government starts with very low tax rates harga notebook, lowering them further probably wouldn’t increase the incentive to work much, if at all.


Given the logic of these scenarios, there must be an inflection point between these two extremes where the federal government would be shooting itself in the foot by raising rates any further. Predictably, those on the political right estimate this rate to be much lower than do those the left. And the recent proposal by the Obama administration to raise marginal rates on top earners has once again brought this discussion to the forefront: Last fall, Bill O’Reilly threated to quit his popular television show if his taxes were raised; and just last week, Staten Island Republican representative Michael Grimm questioned Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke on the effects of Pinjaman Uang dan Dana Talangan Cepat Tunai BUNGA RINGAN raising taxes on capital gains, insinuating that Great Britain’s raising its capital gains tax actually caused tax receipts to go down.


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